Our regular  class program is for girls and boys ages 3 through 18 years old.  Our goals are to create an atmosphere where every child can reach their full athletic potential while having fun and creating positive memories of the sport of gymnastics.  Whether your child is a beginner, continuing classes, or trying to advance onto our competitive team, we have the right class to meet their needs.

All class times are subject to availability and change.  Classes must have at least three students to remain in session.  Ages may be combined to meet minimum enrollment.  Level 2 classes are by invitation only.

This class is designed with the focus on basic motor skills and movement. This combination class of cheerleading and gymnastics will include the use of a variety of equipment throughout the gym. Focus skills in this class include: forward & backward rolls, handstands, cartwheels, round-offs, and an introduction to back-handsprings.  tick tocks, front limbers, back-bends, tripods, front, back walk overs and drills leading up to a back-handspring.  Students will also learn correct motion technique and the basics needed for correct jumps. Other aspects of cheerleading may be introduced including motion and jump technique.
Tumble 1  Beginners

The basics will be stressed throughout this amazing class.  Basic tumbling includes: forward and backward rolls, handstands, cartwheels, bridge, bridge kickover, front and back walk overs.

Tumble 2 Intermediate/Advance


Tumble 2
Skills from Tumble 1 will continue to be stressed throughout this class, as well as, new skills including round-off back handsprings, front handsprings, front walkovers, and standing back handsprings. Round-off series of back handsprings, punch fronts, multiple standing back handsprings, as well as round-off back handspring back tuck.

How Do I Register for Tumbling/Cheernastics?

If you are interested in joining us , please contact us!

How do I get more information?

Email: fasportz@gmail.com

Phone: 281-541-5810
Address: 13035 South Post Oak Rd., Suite H, Houston, Texas  77045

What do I bring to register?
Registration Form
•Registration Fee   $50.00

Sports Waiver
•First month Fees   $55.00

Credit Authorization Form

Note: Click the blue links to print forms. Bring  appropriate start up cost. Cheernastic athletes invited to join a competitive team training fee will go up to $85 monthly

Cheer Clinic/Tryout Class: Here middle and high school students that are wanting to tryout for cheerleader can learn skills to get them ready for tryouts at their school. Students will work on any tumbling skills that they are trying to obtain for their school tryout. The skill level is open from beginners to advanced.

***Please note that these clinics will not be a monthly fee as of January 1, 2014! All clinics will be $15 per class per child, and should be paid before entering class.


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